Business Process Management Platform

The PMG Digital Business Platform delivers business process management (BPM) to support your digital business transformation efforts. With a strong focus on customer experience, PMG’s BPM platform is easily adaptable and seamlessly integrates with existing systems across your organization. This delivers efficiency through orchestration and automation that can be applied to nearly any business need. Our customers leverage PMG for everything from data center management to employee lifecycle management to product lifecycle management. The results? Streamlined operations, better collaboration and reduced costs.


Business Process Management Solutions

PMG’s BPM platform delivers solutions in the following areas:

  • Case Management – tracking ad-hoc inquiries, processing unplanned work, and aggregating communications, as well as managing SLAs
  • Knowledge Management – enabling employees to locate answers from existing knowledge articles, prior cases and databases
  • Document Management – storing, tracking, and managing documents
  • Modeling and Simulation – facilitating development of processes based on business, organization and compliance rules (manual, semi-automated, automated)
  • Prototyping – rapidly building out solutions to validate design principles and logic, and ensuring the foundation is sound and ready for production
  • Governance and Control – providing reporting consoles and dashboards on metrics, SLAs and KPIs


Technology that is Built to Change

PMG’s powerful technology delivers that great experience on a platform that is “built-to-change.” Business analysts implement complex and dynamic processes with the ease of drag and drop workflow actions and configurable properties – with minimal coding effort required. Prepackaged connector kits and generic connector actions easily integrate with existing enterprise systems, driving fast deployments. All of which results in business process orchestration that’s easy to create, and easy to maintain as your business processes evolve over time.

First Rate User Experience

We realize that customer experience – as well as the administration experience – are both key to driving the success and adoption of any BPM solution. PMG is intuitive for end users, with little to no training required. And it’s built to support mobility, so customers can access what they need on any device, without being tied down to the desktop. With PMG’s BPM platform, you can quickly build out processes to support different types of work patterns. So, within a given end-to-end process, you can accommodate the various work styles of everyone involved, whether that entails simple sequential steps, unplanned actions, collaborative activities, or even some combination of all these.


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