Case Management Framework (CMF)

The PMG Digital Business Platform drives efficiency through orchestration that can be applied to nearly any business need, including Case Management. PMG’s BPM platform and Case Management Framework handles your unique business processes, including both routine and non-routine activities.


Benefits of CMF Solutions Built on PMG’s BPM Platform

  • Consolidated view of data and functional options for case workers
  • Increased collaboration across work teams
  • Manage planned and unplanned work activities
  • Enhanced visibility into process outcomes for management team
  • Maximized flexibility to adapt to changing business needs

Console-Based Views

With PMG’s configurable platform, all relevant data and functional options needed to process an ad-hoc piece of work—or a “case”—to a successful outcome is aggregated into a single portal interface. Anything case workers need to do, or any data they need to reference in order to reach desired business process outcomes, is accessible through console-based views. And, the content presented in these consoles is permission-based, so resources only see relevant information to their specific cases.


PMG’s CMF capabilities enhance collaboration across your workforce, so targeted business outcomes are reached as efficiently as possible. People across diverse functional teams interact with work as it progresses, sharing communications along the way to help subsequent case workers make decisions on next steps. By taking unplanned action on a given piece of work, case workers actually alter processing behavior, routing the work down a non-linear path. PMG’s powerful workflow capabilities and rules engine enable process owners to configure the logic needed to manage their dynamic case work to successful completion.


Case Management Framework solutions built on PMG’s BPM platform ensure flexibility. As external systems or processes evolve over time, your CMF solution is easily adapted with the PMG platform. The result is a Case Management solution that’s uniquely tailored to your dynamic business process and built for change.