The PMG Cloud Accelerator enhances the PMG Service Catalog by delivering out-of-the-box functionality for the self-service provisioning of virtual infrastructure to your organization—from servers and workstations to load balancers, software and supporting components. By providing a faster, smarter way to meet your customers’ virtual needs, you can greatly reduce cloud sprawl and help ensure governance and security within your organization.

Intuitive and easy to use, data center administrators leverage the Cloud Accelerator to quickly create new virtual service offerings and manage machine builds– all without having to rely on support from the service catalog administrator. This allows data center administrators to do what they do best – data center management – rather than spend their time managing the details of the service catalog. The Cloud Accelerator also enables user self-service for users to manage the details of their own machines, without having to contact the data center administrator.

The Cloud Accelerator includes templates to create standard virtual builds, along with workflow orchestration and integration connectors to support the automated provisioning of infrastructure. Unlimited options provide flexibility to create various tiers of offerings, complete with alternate pricing and component selections. Show/Hide capability allows the data center administrators to reveal specific configurations based on user roles. Dashboard reporting metrics provide reviews of infrastructure and user status, with drill down capabilities for quick changes when necessary.


PMG Cloud Accelerator Features

The Cloud Accelerator’s intuitive interface consists of Machine Build, Machine Management, User Management and a Main Console with dashboard and reporting metrics.

Machine Build

  • Create different templates with service offerings, define components within that offering, and include pricing and required approvals
  • Optional tiered levels allow for different template configurations
  • Flexible pricing choices based on various usage options such as number of users, bandwidth, memory, etc.
  • Additional pricing for ongoing monthly fees or cancellation charges
  • Machine packages provide commonly bundled build options into a single package for ease of ordering
  • Additional components can be added, such as storage, firewalls, hardware, software, etc.
PMG Cloud Accelerator Machine  Builds Interface

Machine Builds Interface

Machine Management

  • Manage power operations and detailed machine configurations
  • Easily select a machine from a drop down list and see full details such as network, host, IP address, owner, etc.
  • Power on, power off, reboot or decommission machines
  • Change machine build, network or environment information

User Management

  • Identify machine owners and roles
  • Search for existing machine owners
  • Change machine owners
  • Add new users

Main Console

  • The home page of the Cloud Accelerator, the main console includes the Cloud Dashboard Overview and Reporting tabs.
  • Display your most relevant metrics such as server provisioning, server maintenance, servers by power status, servers by departmental chargeback or server type
  • Drill down into more detailed reports to manage and edit service offerings, manage machines and users, without leaving the main console window
  • Filter reports by status, environment or month provisioned
  • See machine type, pricing, activation and end dates
  • Search for machines
  • Export reports
Main Console with Dashboard Reporting

Main Console with Dashboard Reporting

User Self-Service

Once virtual service offerings are included in the service catalog, end users can order them just like any other service in the catalog.

End User Order Form Interface

End User Order Form Interface

PMG connectors for VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon, OpenStack and other systems enable automatic provisioning of virtual infrastructure. Designed to work out-of-the-box, the solution includes generic service offerings for web and application servers, database servers and cloud platforms to help you get started quickly.