A Single Solution to Manage Your Digital Marketing Infrastructure

If your company owns a large portfolio of brands, then your marketing department’s probably already familiar with the inherent challenges that come with that – like managing the hundreds, if not thousands, of digital entities and associated components needed to support and market those brands in today’s digital world.

PMG Digital Marketing Infrastructure Management delivers a centralized destination for launching and maintaining all the relevant digital marketing infrastructure components, connecting these different teams through a single, consistent portal experience. Your marketing team now has reliable access to a comprehensive library of relevant digital properties, and a destination where all related work activities are handled. They collaborate in real-time with internal and external teams and they report on all relevant data about work activity associated with managing these properties. This ensures consistency, increases productivity, and provides greater visibility into your entire digital marketing infrastructure management. Now a process like registering a new domain for a digital marketing campaign can be completed in a matter of minutes, instead of days.


Consolidated Information in an Intuitive User Experience

Through PMG’s configurable portal interface, your team members get a console-based view to a comprehensive repository of all the digital properties and data behind your digital marketing campaigns. You can even tie into multiple data sources for an aggregated view of all the relevant information about your digital marketing entities in a single location, including things such as:

  • Web site URL’s
  • Domains
  • Hosting applications
  • Security and analytics
  • Mobile apps

PMG’ Digital Marketing Infrastructure Management provides role-based access to a searchable library of these existing entities, along with information regarding their corresponding owners and current status. Clicking to drill down into these individual properties, you can review current details, collaborate with affiliated team members, or even request updates. PMG’s portal delivers all this in an intuitive, branded user experience. And, built with responsive design, portal pages dynamically size to nicely display on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This gives team members the flexibility to work from nearly any device.

Digital Marketing Infrastructure Management

Collaboration and Workflow Orchestration

PMG takes the management of your marketing assets beyond simply searching and reviewing current digital entities. Your internal marketing team, IT teams, and external agency partners actually collaborate in real-time on activities required to launch and maintain these properties. For example, authorized users kick off processes to:

  • Create a new web site
  • Renew an existing domain
  • Configure DNS
  • Run analytics on a web site
  • Launch a new mobile app

PMG’s solution includes robust workflow capabilities to automate and orchestrate all the steps these processes require – approvals, notifications, etc. Plus, through workflow design and PMG’s pre-built connectors, you can directly integrate with external systems to automate provisioning or other transactions, where needed.

All the pieces of PMG Digital Marketing Infrastructure Management are assembled through the PMG platform’s low-code configuration tools, without required custom development. So it’s easy for you to make changes or enhancements to your solution as business requirements evolve over time.