Employee Onboarding

Helping new hires to quickly become productive, contributing members of your organization is critical for your business. With PMG, you can orchestrate all the relevant onboarding steps into a repeatable, standardized process. This not only saves money, but also boosts employee performance and retention.

The PMG Digital Business Platform integrates directly with your HR, IT, Facilities and Security systems to streamline the full onboarding process start to finish. The portal provides a consistent user experience where everyone involved can track progress and collaborate as needed on related onboarding activities – from new hire initiation, to approval, to provisioning, and beyond. PMG’s workflow engine coordinates all the applicable approvals and processing on the back end. And, with integration to your core systems, hardware, software and access provisioning is automated along the way, maximizing efficiency and ensuring compliance.


PMG Automated Onboarding

Key Features

  • A single portal interface with online forms to collect all relevant data
  • Ability to bundle services and orchestrate workflow processes across multiple departments (HR, payroll, benefits, IT, telecom, facilities, security, etc.)
  • Easy-to-configure approval workflows and business logic
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Active Directory and other HR management systems for automated provisioning
  • Built-in status tracking and audit trails for compliance reporting

See how Parsons Corporation improved their employee first-day experience with PMG’s employee onboarding solution. With a 56 percent reduction in time required to onboard, Parsons is garnering significant cost savings.

 Download the Parsons Corporation Success Story


Employee Offboarding

All organizations are subject to resource turnover, and ultimately need to transition those departing employees out of the workforce as efficiently as possible. Automating this process ensures the timely recovery of company assets. It also ensures a prompt deactivation of user accounts to recoup license seat costs and prevent unauthorized access to business-critical systems.

The same features that support the onboarding process also support the offboarding process. PMG simply executes onboarding processes in reverse, automating the revocation of all access rights, accounts, permissions, and assets provisioned since hire.