Enterprise Service Catalog

PMG delivers a service catalog solution that provides a ‘single pane of glass’ for all types of customer requests across the enterprise. This includes any service provider, such as HR, Legal, Finance, Facilities, Marketing and Shared Services. With PMG, employees and customers have a single portal and user interface for getting everything they need to complete their job responsibilities. Securing system access, provisioning hardware and software, office supplies and equipment are all automated and streamlined with an enterprise service catalog from PMG.

PMG’s powerful technology delivers that great experience on a platform that is “built-to-change.” With low-code configuration, business users build and publish services without the need for developer or IT assistance. It offers configurable views, categories and branding tailored to target audience(s). With rapid prototyping that drives true end-to-end business process automation, PMG provides value in a matter of weeks. The results? Streamlined operations, reduced costs and improved efficiency.


Enterprise Service Catalog Features & Benefits

‘Single Pane of Glass’ – A single portal to access all service offerings for employees and customers (e.g., onboarding, password resets, employee benefit changes, training requests).

Intuitive Self-Service – Customers and employees easily submit orders or requests, track statuses, and assess costs without ever calling the Help Desk.

Flexible Customer Experience – Customers and employees only see services that are available to them, in business terms that they understand.

Automation – Auto-provision requests for items such as cloud services, software installations, and system access—so you can process the request from start to finish without the need for human intervention.

Management – IT Financial Management tools incorporate pricing and chargeback capabilities to provide comprehensive service pricing and cost allocation across the enterprise.

Low-Code Configuration – Configurable design puts control in the hands of the citizen developer. Coding requirements are minimal.

Integration – Integration options easily tie in your existing systems – including your ITSM suite – to provide flexibility as your systems of record change or evolve.

Support – A business process management (BPM) engine manages compliance with industry best-practice frameworks such as CMMI, COBIT, ITIL, ISO, and even Six Sigma. The service catalog is most prominently defined as the cornerstone of ITIL.

Deployment – Options for On-Premise or as a dedicated SaaS solution.

Fast Deployment
– IGNITION implementation process ensures quick deployment and a solid foundation for expansion.


Customer Success

PMG boasts more than 150 successful deployments representing a wide array of industries worldwide. Leaders such as CVS, Kraft Foods, Comcast, Textron, Analog Devices, Inc., — and many more businesses— rely on PMG to do more business.

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