Smart businesses are finding better ways to leverage existing solutions to generate more efficiency, eliminate employee frustration and reduce costs. PMG’s Enterprise Service Catalog leverages ITILv3 concepts, and helps organizations realize the full potential and value that a service catalog can deliver for all the various service providers including HR, Legal, Finance, Facilities, Marketing, and Shared Services. By taking an enterprise-wide approach, you can eliminate the frustrations employees experience when trying to navigate different systems to interact with each group separately.

This disconnect and inefficiency is solved by deploying an enterprise service catalog, expanding the IT service catalog concept to all service providers, such that employees and customers have a single portal and user interface for getting everything they need.


As shown above, an Enterprise Request Management system (ERM) routes service requests to the appropriate internal or outsourced providers for processing, all with seamless automation.

PMG provides unmatched capabilities for achieving the reality of a smart enterprise service catalog:

  • Radically easy to use, with NearZero programming to enable any business user to build and publish services without the need for developers
  • Customizable views, categories, branding, and templates suitable for most service providers
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint and other common intranet/extranet applications