Smart businesses are finding better ways to leverage existing solutions to generate more efficiency, eliminate employee frustration and reduce costs. The PMG Enterprise Service Catalog provides a ‘single pane of glass’ for all types of customer requests throughout the enterprise. This includes all service providers, such as HR, Legal, Finance, Facilities, Marketing and Shared Services. With the PMG Enterprise Service Catalog, employees and customers have a single portal and user interface for getting everything they need.

PMG Enterprise Service Catalog features

‘Single Pane of Glass’ – Creates a single portal for customers to find all of the organization’s offerings, from to A to Z.

Customer Facing – Provides both IT and business services/offerings, as well as self-help and self-service capabilities.

Business Facing – Provides business value and includes services/offerings such as onboarding employees, self-service password resetting, facilities services such as employee moves, and training requests.

Easy to Use – Intuitive and assists customers in understanding what is available, how it will be delivered, and what costs will be associated with the request.

Easy to configure – With virtually zero coding required, nearly any user can create custom front-end request forms and/or build fulfillment workflows to suit their business needs without programming.

Enterprise Integration – Integrates to external systems for submitting and monitoring services/offerings requests to ensure that external systems receive the information needed for fulfillment.

Automation – Auto provisions and automates services such as cloud services, software installation and system access, alleviating the need to wait on human action for requests that can be delivered electronically and instantly when no approval is needed.

As shown above, an enterprise request management system routes service requests to the appropriate internal or outsourced providers for processing, all with seamless automation.