Smart businesses are finding better ways to leverage existing solutions to generate more efficiency, eliminate employee frustration and reduce costs. The PMG Enterprise Service Catalog provides a ‘single pane of glass’ for all types of customer requests throughout the enterprise. This includes all service providers, such as HR, Legal, Finance, Facilities, Marketing and Shared Services. With the PMG Enterprise Service Catalog, employees and customers have a single portal and user interface for getting everything they need.

PMG service catalog solutions

PMG Enterprise Service Catalog features and benefits

‘Single Pane of Glass’ – Provides single portal to all services for employees and customers (e.g., onboarding, password resets, employee moves, training requests).

Self-Service – Includes specific functionality to create self-service options that empower the end-user.

Configuration – Requires virtually no coding, putting control in the hands of the business user.

Ease of Use – Allows customers and employees to easily submit orders or requests, track statuses, and assess costs without ever calling a Help Desk.

Enterprise Integration – Provides flexible integration options to tie in your existing systems.

Automation – Auto-provisions requests for items such as cloud services, software installations, and system access—so you can process the request from start to finish without the need for human touches.