PMG quickly separated itself from the pack. The software is easily configurable, so it promised to support our lean project approach to streamline our processes and compliance efforts. The solution also offered a manageable financial entry point, versus the major investment required from custom solutions.”

Solutions Manager, National Energy Transportation Company

PMG’s Digital Business Platform provides a framework for your governance and compliance solution needs.

Today more than ever, it’s essential for businesses to maintain reliable access to accurate data .When you use the PMG Digital Business Platform to digitalize your business processes, your solutions will inherently include the added benefits of governance and compliance. The PMG platform delivers auditable records of all processes and data handled by the system, whether PMG is the system of record or not.

System Governance

With the platform’s permissions-based access to content and functionality, you’re able to programmatically apply the level of governance that’s best suited to your particular corporate policies. By configuring solutions and interfaces that reflect those policies, you ensure that your users only see the content or functional options appropriate for them, and that all system users enjoy a consistent, standardized experience.

And, for users authorized as solution builders in the platform, PMG enforces an implicit degree of governance around application development processes. With nearly two dozen unique system-level permissions, you control the specific admin rights each individual user has at a granular level.

Process Governance

The PMG platform provides standard workflow actions to orchestrate approvals and escalations. It’s easy to support your unique business policies by incorporating any required approvals for individual managers or work queues into your automated processes. Approval assignments can be routed by business logic, resource metadata, or any type of driver. And, escalations are easily automated based on configured time passage or out-of-office triggers. With PMG’s responsive design for mobile, approval tasks can be accessed from virtually anywhere, ensuring that critical business processes aren’t delayed.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) are also supported on the PMG platform with easy to configure workflow actions. SLAs represent the agreed upon delivery time for a service or solution to deliver promised results. Delivery SLAs are the most common, but other types may be established and used to capture information for reporting purposes. OLAs provide support for time-based operational level agreements that apply to tasks within the service or overall solution. These OLAs can be configured around both human and system tasks, providing data that underlies critical analytics for predicted behavior and opportunities for performance improvements.

Regulatory Compliance

With full audit trail visibility into business process activity and data, PMG’s platform bolsters your organization’s compliance efforts. With our low-code workflow designer, you configure process solutions that ensure your compliance requirements are always met and your business policies are always followed.

Information required for any applicable industry regulations, laws or guidelines (SOX, OSHA, HIPPA, EPA, etc.) is tracked every step of the way. And, with PMG’s extensive integration and reporting capabilities, any custom compliance reports unique to your business can be easily built as well, including internal data, external data, or aggregated views of both. Whatever audit reports your organization needs to maintain regulatory compliance, PMG can deliver.