HR Management

PMG provides a single case management platform for all of your human resource needs. From talent acquisition and onboarding, to employee offboarding and everything in between, PMG gives you a smarter way to work by simplifying your HR management process.

Requisition Case Management

Begin employee HR management by leveraging case management from PMG. Create the employee requisition request, complete with qualification requirements and designated compensation. Provide an internal job board of new positions available within your company. From there, manage your applicant screening process and candidate details, schedule interviews, track feedback and even create offer letters.


Once a candidate accepts a position, initiate the onboarding process with the required pre-employment checks. Then begin requisitioning all of the assets and services your new employee will require in his position. Because the PMG platform integrates with all of your facilities, security, accounting and IT systems, you have a single interface to manage all onboarding tasks easily and quickly. Directly from PMG, create profiles and provision necessary items from office space to ID badges to computer equipment and system access.

User Provisioning

PMG also provides a knowledgebase and a self-service portal for employees to obtain additional services at any time – a single place for them to get anything they might need in order to complete their job responsibilities. Securing system access, provisioning hardware and software, office supplies and equipment are all automated and streamlined with an enterprise service catalog from PMG.

Contractor Management

Leverage the same HR management efficiencies to automate comprehensive contractor management.

PMG provides an efficient way to create and maintain a database record for contractors according to your business rules and compliance needs. Automate contract renewals, approval workflows, onboarding, and asset management for your contractors. Alternatively, leverage PMG automation for the processes of terminations, asset de-provisioning and asset recovery.

Key Features

Dynamic Forms – Create dynamic forms for onboarding, benefits changes, role management, compensation reviews, and more—all within a user-friendly interface.

Integration & Synchronization – Integrate with any number of ERP or HR systems, including the ability to align employee data in directories such as LDAP or Active Directory with core HR Management systems like SAP or PeopleSoft.

Automated Workflows – Drag-and-drop to model HR processes and create your customized workflows, with dynamic lookups for approvers by accessing organizational hierarchies.

At PMG, we’ve worked with numerous customers to drive HR management efficiencies. We’ve seen common obstacles and helped our customers navigate and overcome them with great results.

See how 1st Franklin Financial Corporation automated HR process, along with Access and Identity Management with PMG. And discover how CSAA Insurance Group automates service fulfillment to internal employees, as well as external partners.

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