Identity Access Management

PMG improves Identity Access Management by integrating, automating and orchestrating business processes. We provide the power and flexibility to create an optimized end user interface. And we intelligently manage data flow between your existing infrastructure solutions.

Most organizations have an Identity Access Management layer to administer and control employee access, but too often these layers are not integrated with the underlying directory infrastructure (e.g., Active Directory, LDAP). Also, most heavily rely on technical staff for configuration and maintenance. This leads to disparate data, inaccurate privileges, and high transaction costs.

PMG empowers the end-user to order standard services and track their own orders and also empowers the business user to construct workflows with simple drag-and-drop process design. In the end you’ll have a smart system that is dynamic, flexible and running smoothly.

User Provisioning

PMG delivers automated account provisioning, updating and de-provisioning across a wide array of popular systems, including SAP, Active Directory, and Oracle, among others.

Handled manually, these activities take up a significant system administrator time and labor and also introduces potential security risks. Automation with PMG provides enhanced governance, improved compliance, reduced risk and significant cost and labor savings.

If you’re considering separate products or identity management solutions, be sure to evaluate PMG first. Dedicated user provisioning or identity management systems frequently lack the flexibility, configurable workflow designs, and user interfaces needed to achieve true success.

Rights Management

Many organizations leveraging a user directory such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP have found that these solutions alone fail to achieve the vision of Role-based Access Control (RBAC) for Rights Management. Numerous tactical business problems exist with generic directory software applications, including the inability to support concepts such as “job titles” or “roles;” the inability to make additions or changes, the lack of audit, control and related reporting. Additionally, user interfaces are complex and not designed for the business user.

PMG provides a configurable, user friendly and powerful GUI, eliminating the time consuming human interaction of handling standard IT requests. It includes customizable configuration modules to define the organization’s job titles and roles, properly mapped to bundles of relevant applications and appropriate access and permission levels.

PMG also features a flexible workflow configuration, ensuring appropriate approvals and automated provisioning of requests across multiple backend systems. PMG includes out of the box connectors to Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Information Server, Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager, Sun Identity Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager, SAP, Oracle, leading help desk systems, and many more.

Risk Management

PMG provides IT governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) capabilities to help you align with best practice frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, and CMMI.

PMG delivers business process automation to keep pace with evolving industry regulations. Easily implement policy and procedure management for employees. Configure the automated controls and reporting necessary for regulatory and audit requirements, and achieve overall operational excellence.

Key Features

Role Management – Create and manage user roles while maintaining alignment with other systems such as Active Directory, SAP MDM, Microsoft ILM, or custom databases.

Workflow Integration – Access role data from any external system to inform workflow steps such as assignments and authorizations.

Data Analysis & Reporting – Report on data across multiple sources to reconcile conflicting role data and meet key audit requirements; access user-friendly dashboards to analyze data for compliance checks and potential improvements.

Data Validation – Keep your data clean by checking it as it comes in and automating the enforcement of security policies such as password strength and length.

PMG streamlines Identity Access Management for better security, lower costs, and better-served employees. See how 1st Franklin Financial Corporation leveraged PMG to automate Identity Access Management along with other HR processes.

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