We had a domain registration completed today in 33 minutes total from submission to completion. These requests would typically take a minimum of two business days before automation, so the fact that we can get it done that quickly with a new system is pretty amazing!”

Digital Strategist Team Lead, Global Beverage Company

IT infrastructure management solutions built on the PMG platform deliver streamlined operations, better collaboration and reduced costs through automated provisioning and management.

The PMG Digital Business Platform drives efficiency through automation and enhanced visibility and control of infrastructure management tasks. Solutions are fully configurable on PMG’s low-code platform through an intuitive admin interface. The result is an automated infrastructure management solution that’s uniquely suited to your business needs and environment.

IT Infrastructure Administration

With a PMG solution, authorized users provision and manage IT infrastructure directly through an intuitive self-service model. Integration with infrastructure management tools delivers real-time data displayed on configurable dashboards or interactive consoles, facilitating management and reporting tasks. The process of managing network components such as virtual servers, load balancers and firewalls is automated to streamline operations, while still providing a layer of governance where needed. Additionally, PMG enables you to track pricing and cost information on these infrastructure assets to support financial reporting or chargebacks to applicable business units.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-service model for authorized users to manage their own infrastructure
  • Extensive integration capabilities for a variety of infrastructure components
  • Seamless user experience for end-to-end processing
  • Decreased demand on IT resources for routine infrastructure changes
  • Increased control and governance around automated infrastructure changes
  • Enhanced visibility into infrastructure management costs


Integration with infrastructure management tools is handled via licensed connector kits that natively tie into commercial products, such as F5 BIG-IP Load Balancer, or through generic actions that leverage industry standard protocols, like REST or SOAP. If the target infrastructure management system offers connection points via published API’s or web services, PMG can integrate with it.


With PMG, you can configure the right level of governance into your automated infrastructure management processes. Access to self-service forms that initiate infrastructure processes is permissions-based, so you control exactly who has access to create or modify designated technology components. And, behind the scenes, workflows dynamically handle any necessary approval(s) before automatically executing the requested infrastructure change, recording an audit trail of all activities along the way.