We were impressed by PMG’s portfolio of existing connectors. That, along with PMG’s willingness to help develop new connectors as needed, made us confident we could wire together any disparate systems.”

Jeremy Bower, Ensono

PMG offers easy integration with external systems and applications, so you can choose to leverage existing technology investments, rather than replace them, when automating and orchestrating business processes end-to-end.

Integration is a critical element in today’s digital business world. Solutions that connect with disparate systems and automate functional activities behind the scenes allow you to deliver smooth, end-to-end experiences to your target users, driving efficiency, adoption, and ultimately, value.

The PMG Digital Business Platform is designed from the ground up to facilitate seamless integration across systems, including any internal business or IT application, as well as external systems, cloud-based applications, and 3rd party vendors. There are dozens of low-code features in the platform designed specifically for building integration into your digitalized processes, creating bi-directional data flow and streamlined user interfaces.

Pre-Built Connectors

Connectors are purpose-built collections of configurable PMG components that integrate directly with targeted external systems through fully supported vendor and product-specific API’s. Ultimately, these two-way integrations are used within the PMG platform to transact, provision, and/or move data to and from a target system automatically.

PMG offers more than 50 pre-built connector kits that can be licensed for use within our platform. Our connectors include integration with Help Desk ticketing systems, Identity & Access Management (IAM) systems, HR systems, Knowledge Management applications, and virtual infrastructure provisioning platforms, among numerous others.

Click to see a current list of available PMG connectors.

Connector kits provide drag-and-drop, configurable workflow actions that non-technical resources can easily use to build integration into workflow processes without any coding. As such, licensed PMG connectors allow you to leverage existing technology investments as needed within a given business process, while providing a seamless experience for end users. And, licensed connectors are fully supported for future upgrades, meaning PMG will provide updated connector actions if needed to keep your configured solutions current with the latest releases from your enterprise vendors.

Generic Integrations

In addition to pre-built, licensed connectors, PMG also offers generic integration capabilities. These include configurable workflow actions that use industry-standard protocols to automate functions such as:

  • Database activities
  • Web Services calls
    • REST
    • SOAP
    • JSON to XML / XML to JSON
  • SFTP Upload / Download
  • SSH Client
  • File Management (Windows File Share)
  • PowerShell
  • .NET
    • C#
    • Visual Basic

While the PMG platform is predicated on a concept of low-code first, we also offer a variety of ways to build integrations into your business processes, including those instances where actual coding best suits your requirements. The advantage that PMG brings to the table is the ability to use custom code within configurable workflow actions, meaning your solution remains upgrade safe for future PMG releases.

Platform API’s

The PMG Digital Business Platform comes with a wide range of published API’s – around 40 different operations available – so external systems can directly interact with PMG workflow processes as needed.

In addition, the PMG platform offers a REST-based API Builder utility, where authorized users can build their own API’s for the PMG platform. The API Builder lets any developer create bi-directional integration with any external system, using simple low-code configuration tools. These API’s are published as functions and dropped into workflows to “listen” for inbound web services calls from the target system, and to return data to that system. This provides true event-driven integrations with 3rd party systems, all through simple configuration.

If an application provides published API’s or web services access, PMG can connect with it. When your business process solution requires interaction with one or more external system, PMG can make it happen.