Talk about seeing immediate value. With an easier way to track and view the data, we not only strengthened internal communications, but we also expedited back office operations, such as customer billing. It’s easier, because everything happens in one shared, universal system accessible for our dispersed workforce.”

Solutions Manager, National Energy Transportation Company

PMG is the transaction engine powering IT financial management (ITFM) for comprehensive pricing and cost allocation across your enterprise.

The first and easiest step to establishing IT financial management is to assign costs to your IT services and publish your enterprise service catalog with visible prices. With PMG, both prices and costs are configurable and can be dynamic based on relevant drivers. Multi-currency support enables global enterprises to associate prices and costs in native currencies for international employees.

Integration with existing enterprise accounting systems is the next step to achieving full managerial and cost accounting with chargebacks and invoicing. With experience in ITFM initiatives from simple showback to complex rate calculation and allocation, PMG partners with customers to see them through to true ITFM maturity.

For more information about IT Financial Management, see Gartner’s Market Guide for IT Financial Management Tools, which references PMG’s ITFM capabilities.

Key Features

  • Cost Allocation – Capture and allocate the costs of products and services provided to the business, with flexible allocation types and rules to cover any scenario.
  • Comprehensive Pricing – Assign fixed prices or create complex bundles and pricing rules to support all dependencies and pricing relationships, across both physical products and services.
  • Subscription-Based Services – Deliver easy to use subscription-based services and subscription management consoles to simplify subscription administration across the enterprise.
  • ERP Integration – Leverage existing investments by seamlessly integrating with virtually any ERP system including SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. PMG provides utilities for importing and exporting spreadsheets for a more manual approach, as well as full bi-directional live data integration to ERP and accounting systems.
  • Billing and Invoicing – Generate direct billing and/or invoicing, manage cost allocation, and/or integrate to other accounting functions within your existing ERP solution as needed.
  • Analytics – Display budget vs. actual performance in a configurable dashboard design that delivers real-time data from internal and external data sources. Utilize reporting to validate expenditures against budgets dynamically.