Not only has PMG simplified onboarding, they’ve improved our visibility. The entire process, from granting network access to providing assets and physical workspace allocation, occurs in one workflow. We can document and track operations with unprecedented accuracy, eliminating those excess emails and status calls.”

Michael Lawrence, Parsons Corporation

PMG delivers IT process automation solutions on a low-code platform. The result? Streamlined operations, faster deployment and increased user satisfaction.

The PMG Digital Business Platform provides orchestration and integration capabilities to power your IT process automation initiatives. Powered by low-code configuration, PMG delivers solutions such as cloud provisioning, network infrastructure management, and software access management.

Maximized Efficiency

By integrating directly with virtually any IT tool or application, routine functions that would otherwise require IT personnel to complete manually can be automated. This includes tasks like automatically spinning up a virtual server on Amazon EC, turning an F5 Load Balancer VIP on or off, or adding specified users to a new Active Directory Group to grant them access to targeted software. IT personnel can be freed from routine tasks to focus on more innovative and value-added projects.

Enhanced Usability

With PMG’s low-code platform, you can rapidly configure solutions that are easy to change as IT business processes continue to evolve. Administration of solutions is simplified, as configuration ensures upgrade safety, unlike custom-coded solutions.

End user adoption of self-service IT process automation solutions is accelerated by truly customer-centric front-end design. Our portal interface capabilities, including theming, widgets, dashboards and consoles, enable a web application user experience for your IT solutions. And responsive design of PMG’s portal interface supports a broad range of devices, including desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. It works for your users however they need to work.