IT Process Automation

The PMG Digital Business Platform drives efficiency through orchestration with IT Process Automation. The PMG platform automates IT processes such as cloud provisioning, network infrastructure management, and software access management. PMG integrates with virtually any IT tool or application, automating routine functions that would otherwise require IT personnel to complete manually. This includes tasks like automatically spinning up a virtual server on Amazon EC, turning an F5 Load Balancer VIP on or off, or adding specified users to a new Active Directory Group to grant them access to targeted software.


Maximized Efficiency

Whether you work in HR, Finance, IT or Marketing, your business processes likely touch multiple functional areas and systems. PMG automates any number of those potential touchpoints and interactions along the way, alleviating the need for manual intervention. The PMG platform also enables business users to build their own process solutions, without necessary dependence on IT. Quickly deliver process automation solutions that save everyone time and money.


With PMG’s BPM platform, you can rapidly configure Process Automation solutions that are truly customer-centric. The responsive design of PMG’s portal interface supports a broad range of devices, including desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. It works for your customers however they need to work. 

PMG delivers powerful and flexible Process Automation solutions to support your digital business transformation efforts, now and into the future.