We’re ecstatic about the increases in efficiency, but my favorite benefit has been simple stress reduction. If there’s ever a snag on a claim, we are able to track branch and department tasks and call the responsible party. PMG ended the guessing game and all unnecessary email and phone calls along with it.”

Anita Looney, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation

PMG offers a wide range of capabilities to create and manage knowledge items to support your digitalized business processes.

The PMG Digital Business Platform bolsters your digitalization efforts by providing a variety of options for storing, accessing and managing documents, knowledge articles and/or files related to your business processes. This knowledgebase can be wrapped into your broader business processes via dynamic forms or reporting dashboards as needed to support the UX for your end-users, process workers, or both. With easy access to documents and files, historical activities, issue resolutions and best practices, your digitalized business process becomes even more efficient and intelligent.

Global Search

With PMG’s Knowledge Management solution, you can build a permissions-based catalog of files, images, text articles, and links that includes user-defined attributes and tags to associate knowledge items together and facilitate searching. In addition, PMG’s global search function can be configured to include connected external systems, allowing you to extend your Knowledge Management solution to return results from both internal and external knowledge stores when searching. Whatever knowledge artifacts your users need, and wherever it resides, you can access it through PMG.


System roles in PMG allow you to designate individual users as Knowledge Contributors or Knowledge Publishers, so you can fully control the process of how knowledge items are created and accessed by end users. The result is a searchable repository of user-submitted knowledge items – files, links and articles – that can be organized into folders or permissions-based categories, making it easy for people to find what they need, and to skip what they don’t need or aren’t allowed to access.

Document Management

With pre-built connectors to enterprise document management systems like Microsoft SharePoint, you can also automate external document storage and management activities via configurable workflows, along with any review or approval steps that might be needed. Internally, PMG provides a built-in, lightweight Document Management feature that allows authorized managers to upload files in Draft or Published mode, controlling visibility and access for end users. Each document is uploaded with a corresponding title, description, and keyword tags to facilitate searching.

The resulting document repository is displayed on the Documents screen in a dashboard format that allows for sorting and filtering as needed to locate a given entry, including a column with file links to open each document directly. The stored documents can also be referenced or accessed from other areas in the platform, including through the global search function.