The PMG Digital Business Platform is designed from the ground up to create seamless integration among systems, including any internal business and IT applications as well as external systems, clouds, and vendors. There are dozens of features designed specifically to empower you to create seamless integration, bi-directional data flow, and streamlined user interfaces that leverage third-party data.

PMG Ecosystem

PMG Ecosystem



Connectors are purpose built collections of drag & drop integration actions that will ultimately perform work, provision, and/or move data to/from a target system over a fully supported vendor and product-specific API. Connectors are plug-ins to the PMG Enterprise Service Platform. There are currently over 45 Connectors available. See a list of available connectors. 

External Data Sources

The PMG platform admin can easily add any ODBC or JDBC compliant database application as an external data source. These are saved and used as bi-directional connectors to leverage SQL queries to read or write data to the external database application. The most common use is for populating user-selectable drop-down lists.

Data Providers

To further meet additional integration requirements, PMG includes simple admin screens to configure and add data providers. Data flows into PMG and leveraged in forms, portlets, and reports. Data providers are commonly used to connect web-services based products, but also support virtually any third party API.