About PMG

PMG has been improving business processes and delivering results for customers since 1997. Our flagship Enterprise Service Catalog solution was born out of our hundreds of successful projects and partnerships with industry leaders such as CVS, Lockheed Martin, AAI Textron, CSAA Insurance Group, Analog Devices Inc. and many more. Consistently ranked the best IT Service Catalog Tool by Gartner, our solution is proven, scalable, easy-to-use, affordable, and is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and applications.

PMG’s powerful yet easy to deploy solutions go beyond traditional IT service management, helping you create a better, smarter set of automated business processes that streamline operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency.  By implementing a flexible PMG solution that easily integrates with existing tools and your established business environment, you can handle internal service requests faster with fewer manual processes and less reliance on staff intervention.  The result is a more efficient, less costly set of business operations.  And that’s just smarter.

Delivering more than just software
PMG understands today’s business and IT managers are looking for more than new software tools to help them better manage service requests.  They want results.  And a partner they can trust. With a knowledgeable team of software development and business process experts in place,  and millions of dollars of savings delivered, PMG helps you design and implement the right solution, based on the right set of new and existing software tools, to automate business process, reduce cycle times and increase internal customer satisfaction.

Easy to work with
PMG understands that the last thing a business or IT manager dealing daily with demanding user requests needs is another set of challenges from their software tools or services partner.  That’s why we’ve engineered our contracts, business engagement processes and support structure to be as easy to use as our software solutions.  With PMG you get a true partner that understands your business and is easy to do business with.  We think that’s just smart.

For nearly two decades, PMG has been delivering smart, successful solutions and real results to demanding market leaders in finance, manufacturing, consumer goods, transportation and other enterprise users.  With more than 150 successful deployments to date, delivering millions of dollars of savings, PMG has the software and business expertise you need to make the right, and smart choice for your business automation needs.

With more than 150 successful deployments within Global 2000 enterprises, an enviable customer retention rate and a continual stream of customer accolades, PMG has built a solid and proven track record of partnership and success.

User centricity
At PMG, we understand that solving customer problems is our most important role.  Helping Business and IT managers create a smarter, more efficient, better running business is our single focus.


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