Process automation at its best!”

PMG Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

The PMG Digital Business Platform powers solutions that orchestrate and automate manufacturing processes and optimize operations.

Business solutions built on the PMG platform streamline processes by automating manual steps and orchestrating complex interactions between people, data and systems. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings ever more opportunities to improve operations and leverage the power of data. Structured as well as unstructured processes are managed, and collaboration across internal and external teams is enhanced by interactive dashboards and real-time communication.

Streamlined Operations

The PMG platform delivers manufacturing and operations solutions to standardize and improve critical processes. Solutions for inventory measurement and digitalization of the work order process result in cost savings and maximization of resources. Facilitating data input and capture helps product engineers conduct ongoing analysis and optimization of product design activities. Activity-triggered notifications ensure that downtime is minimized.

Manufacturing solutions built on PMG allow you to automatically route manual reviews and approval steps based on your required business rule logic, while supporting exception handling when needed. Assigned approval or task steps are configured to automatically escalate or re-route after a designated time period as well, ensuring that your process never grinds to a halt unexpectedly.

Orchestration and Management

With the power and flexibility of PMG’s platform, solutions will orchestrate every step and interaction that your unique business process requires. The challenges of managing a distributed workforce are met with configurable, real-time dashboards and consoles, which offer a snapshot of real-time status and activity, and promote collaboration. PMG’s configurable bi-directional integrations push or pull data to/from external systems. By aggregating key production data across multiple facilities, machines and resources, and orchestrating interactions, operations run more smoothly and efficiently.

A broad range of management activities are also facilitated by PMG solutions. For example, tracking shift times and analyzing labor data results in more informed decision making on resource scheduling. And plant capacity is optimized by analyzing demand and production data to schedule manufacturing and assembly runs across multiple physical plant locations. In short, whatever manufacturing or operations process you want to improve, a PMG platform solution delivers a successful outcome.