From Service Catalog to Business Process Automation, PMG has done it for us!”

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The PMG Digital Business Platform is a suite of complementary components that work together to digitalize your business processes.

We’ve designed the PMG Digital Business Platform to be intuitive and easy to use, for both end users and administrators. The platform’s low-code configuration capabilities allow both IT resources and citizen developers to build and manage business solutions on their own – without needing developers to write custom code.

As a result, PMG solutions deploy quickly, are upgrade-safe, and are easily updated as business requirements change over time. And, with easy bi-directional integration to external systems, PMG actually augments your existing enterprise technology investments, rather than replace them. The PMG platform is the glue connecting all the critical pieces of your business processes – people, systems, and data.

Built-In Platform Components

The PMG platform lets you take advantage of all the available components to deliver the solution that meets your specific business needs. Authorized users have access to management tools in their portal view to configure solutions directly in the system, effectively creating a controlled, self-contained ecosystem for application development, prototyping, deployment, and consumption.

From streamlining and automating operational processes to providing a platform for rapidly building new business application prototypes, PMG brings together the robust functionality of a BPM suite with the speed and flexibility of a low-code development platform. And, with the PMG platform, you’ll benefit from the full feature set of the software without the need to purchase additional modules.

Scaling to Meet your Business Needs

The PMG Digital Business Platform is available in multiple editions with features tailored to meet your individual needs. Click here to see an overview on pricing.