PMG Digital Business Platform – Forms and Dashboards

We provided several competitors the challenges we were facing. PMG was the only provider to configure a solution specific to our needs, illustrating how the solution would work. This effort showed us how PMG would value us as an actual customer, and we were sold.”

Michael Lawrence, Parsons Corporation

The PMG Digital Business Platform supports rich, dynamic forms where users can interact intelligently with process data.

Forms are a core component of the PMG Digital Business Platform, serving as a primary UI component for interactive applications and work consoles. Forms allow end-users and process workers to input and/or update data in a controlled format, which can then be passed over to the workflow engine for processing. The result is a smart, dynamic form that smoothly guides your users through data interactions in a governed manner.

Simple and Complex Control Types

In the PMG platform, forms are more than just a static series of text fields for data entry. With PMG, you can build rich, dynamic forms to deliver an efficient and intuitive experience for your target users. Beyond just standard web form components like text boxes, static select lists and radio sets, PMG offers a wide range of field types to choose from, including things like configurable date picker fields, file upload functions, and user-controlled grids to support data input into a spreadsheet-like format. PMG forms can provide any combination of field types you need to implement your digital business process.

Dynamic Data and Logic

Fields in PMG forms can be configured to pull in internal and external data dynamically, either through direct database queries or through REST-based API calls. This means you can build forms that are directly integrated with your systems of record, wherever they may be, consistently delivering the latest data in real-time. No need to replicate or manage data from other systems in PMG – just reference it in forms as needed to support your business process.

PMG forms also let you configure rules to control the behavior of the various fields. Dynamic field types can be setup with “A drives B drives C” logic, where the selection made in one field drives the possible values in one or more other fields. In addition, you can easily configure logic to hide and show specific fields in a given form, based on the option chosen in another field, all without any coding required.

And now, the power of workflows can be leveraged directly from PMG forms to handle data processing before the primary process workflow has been kicked off. This means that there are virtually no limits to the data accessible on forms, dashboards or consoles within PMG, all in real-time.