Today, savvy IT organizations have introduced multiple front end catalogs for customers to procure required services or to request help. The upside is that catalogs provide an enhanced user experience. The downside is that multiple catalogs specific to different applications start to populate the organization, creating catalog sprawl. The PMG Enterprise Service Catalog (PMG ESC) solves catalog sprawl by providing a ‘single pane of glass’ for the customer to order any service or product across the entire enterprise.

Catalog sprawl causes confusion for customers as they aren’t sure which catalog to access to request the specific service needed. For example, to report an incident, customers need to go to an ITSM ‘catalog.’ To request access to a system or change a user role, they go their identity management ‘catalog.’ To order a computer, they visit a home-grown ‘catalog.’ To onboard an employee, they access the human resource ‘catalog.’


Catalog Sprawl


PMG’s ‘single pane of glass’ creates a single place where a customer can order a new computer, request a system, easily procure a cloud service or onboard an employee, monitor the fulfillment of that service or delivery, and track its associated costs.

Single Pane of Glass