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The PMG Digital Business Platform lets you deliver the user experience (UX) that’s perfectly suited to your business needs.

People have high expectations for the apps they use in today’s digital world. A positive user experience (UX) is vital for all digital interactions, including those taking place in a business setting. Without it, you risk squandering your digital transformation investments, if people are unwilling to adopt the process solutions you deliver. If people find it difficult to work in a newly launched BPM solution, they will ultimately find a way to work around it. However, with the PMG Digital Business Platform, you can configure an appealing and intuitive UX that maximizes the value of your digitalization efforts.

Theme Administration

PMG’s portal front-end comes with a configurable Theme Administration framework that lets you define the layout, design, and branding elements you need to deliver a familiar and satisfying experience to your target audience. With personalized work dashboards, configurable email templates, and rich forms, all the places where your users interact with PMG can be designed to maximize efficiency and drive adoption. Click here to see samples of PMG Dashboards.

Flexible User Experience

PMG’s portal interface is intuitive for end users, with little to no training required. And, it’s built with responsive design for mobile, so your people can access what they need on any device, without being anchored to a desktop.

With PMG’s BPM platform, you can quickly build out business processes that support a wide range of work styles. So, within a given end-to-end process, you can accommodate the various work patterns and preferred styles of everyone involved. Some participants may work primarily from their office computer, while others may work remotely via tablets or smart phones. Certain users might prefer working with web forms or portal-based work dashboards, while others may need the flexibility to process tasks or approvals directly via email. With PMG, you can design a reliable and intuitive UX to support all of these channels.

Features & Benefits

  • Configuration-based interface design and branding, without custom coding
  • UX configuration that’s upgrade-safe and exportable
  • Responsive design for consistent display across a variety of mobile devices
  • Configurable HTML email templates and personalized interactive workbench views
  • Configuration tools to support .CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, for more advanced UX design