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Show the Value of IT: Get Bimodal
Is your IT department struggling with perception? Often times IT is just seen as overhead to “keep the lights on.” Thinking that IT doesn’t generate revenue, or can easily be replaced, can lead to a loss of respect, creating tension and frustration for everyone. The answer? Get bimodal. Learn how to work in two modes.

General Mills, Inc.: Automating Product Development Services 
Presented by Sylvia De Long, Business Systems Consultant, General Mills, Inc. at the 2015 Gartner Symposium Conference
Learn how General Mills greatly improved throughput and streamlined their new product development process. With a strategic initiative to improve demand forecasting, General Mills implemented an enterprise service platform to consolidate multiple, disparate legacy systems. This resulted in more standardized processes and increased visibility into resource demand.

2015 Victories in Business Process Automation 
What do your business resolutions look like for the New Year? Are you ready to improve risk assessment? Completing a round of new hires? Or maybe you’re launching a new product. Business process automation can quickly streamline your objectives to ensure success in 2016. Join PMG as we share three of our most victorious business process automation projects from 2015.

Start Your Engines: Driving ITFM with a Service Catalog
Discover how a global power and automation company greatly improved ITFM by starting at the point of purchase. It ultimately crossed the finish line able to finally reconcile a $15M monthly vendor invoice– uncovering a 6% error in erroneous billing. With an initial savings of $500K from a single vendor–in just one country– the conglomerate is driving fast to extend the rollout worldwide.

Three Ways You Never Thought to Leverage Your Service Catalog
So you’ve got your IT service catalog up and running. People love it. They are getting laptops, installing software, gaining quick access to SAP and IT looks like rockstars. But did you know that you can do even more with a service catalog? Join PMG to learn how three IT departments leveraged their catalog to deliver value outside of typical IT services, increasing business efficiency and delivering a rich user experience.

The Service Catalog, Enterprise-Wide: Successes of the Global 2000
Presented by Joe LeCompte, Principal, PMG at the 2014 Gartner Symposium and ITxpo
The service catalog is no longer just for IT self-service– smart IT organizations now leverage their investment enterprise-wide. Discover how several Global 2000 companies successfully extended their service catalogs as an enterprise platform to handle tasks such as data center management, employee lifecycle management and product lifecycle management.

Kraft Foods: Optimizing Cost Savings While Increasing User Satisfaction
Presented by J.J. Markee, CISO, Kraft Foods at the 2013 Gartner Symposium Conference
Under direction to reduce costs, standardize and automate processes globally, Kraft Foods accomplished all three goals leveraging an enterprise service catalog. JJ Markee of Kraft’s Security and Compliance will share how the company dramatically improved response time, standardized services, provided mobility and ensured security, all while lowering operating costs.

Service Catalog Victory: How Analog Devices Optimized Global Service Fulfillment
Learn how Analog Devices defined and streamlined their service request and delivery process, saving time and providing a greatly improved user experience.

Be a Service Power Broker
Gartner said it: Business leaders must engage their teams by articulating new business models for I&O, including becoming an IT service broker and trusted business partner. It’s not enough to just provide services anymore; IT needs to morph into the company’s power broker to conduct day-to-day business. It’s time to provide a platform and procedures to break down silos and automate processes enterprise wide..

Is Your Service Catalog Built for Change?
Change is inevitable. And when it’s about change within an organization, IT has to be adaptive, flexible and fast. It’s called “The New Speed of IT” – where IT must quickly change to meet the needs of evolving business practices. Maybe it’s to support a new contractor outsourcing initiative. Maybe it’s a directive to provision all services in the cloud. Or it could be to support new integrated business processes throughout the enterprise.In order to meet the demand, you need to have a service catalog that is built for change– not bogged down with massive coding requirements and siloed departments. You need a low-code, service-oriented-architecture platform to integrate the business and support changes– in days, rather than weeks.

How NOT To Implement A Service Catalog— Lessons Learned
At PMG, we’ve helped implement service catalogs for all types of companies, all around the world. And we’ve seen everything—from wildly successful service catalog launches to some with more than a few minor hiccups. We’ve seen companies who launched global initiatives that forgot to consult with their counterparts in other regions. Others who automated business processes without really checking in with the business process owners. And at some point, nearly every implementation gets caught up in “analysis paralysis” or “death by process.” Hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes it’s hard to see when things are going a bit awry in the middle of a project. So we’ve put together a list of service catalog implementation “lessons learned,” as well as best practices derived from them.

Six Things to Do Before You Launch your Service Catalog Implementation
Getting ready to launch your service catalog implementation? Before you dive in, be sure you’ve done all of your preliminary work. We find that customers who spend more time up front focusing on business drivers, as well as internal processes, ultimately create a better service catalog for their business needs.

Catalog Sprawl: IT Gone Wild
Multiple customer facing tools start to crowd the IT infrastructure. The result: catalog sprawl. IT’s enthusiasm to offer numerous customer facing catalogs creates unintended consequences such as confusion for customers, poor integration and collaboration, and increased support and maintenance costs. The solution: leverage a single pane of glass and ‘consolidate to collaborate’ within your organization.

Beauty and Brains: Why Your Service Catalog Needs to Look Good and Be Smart Doing It
Thanks to companies such as Apple and Amazon, consumers are having great customer experiences online. And they are beginning to expect the same from their service catalogs in the business realm. Customers want to enjoy a slick user interface, with offerings in terms that they understand. In short, your service catalog needs to look good, and be smart doing it.

Cloud Sprawl Impact: What Every CIO Needs to Know
CIOs need to understand how the ever-increasing use of cloud services affects the most critical factors of their IT infrastructure and services: scalability, manageability, security and profitability.

How an Enterprise Service Catalog is to Vital to Cloud Success
Presented by Joe LeCompte, Principal, PMG at the 2013 Gartner Data Center Conference
PMG’s presentation “How an Enterprise Service Catalog is to Vital to Cloud Success” reveals how to leverage the use of a service catalog throughout your enterprise. Learn how to reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver on five critical cloud capabilities for service catalogs.

Automated Role Provisioning
Discover how an enterprise service catalog enhances existing investments in the Identity and Access Management function (IAM) by providing a more intuitive business user interface and appropriate workflow capabilities.

Automated Virtual Server Provisioning
Discover how an enterprise service catalog can assist in automating the complex business process of provisioning virtual servers.

The Service Catalog: Does Your Business Get It?
Presented by Eveline Oehrlich, VP, Research Director serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Forrester Research, and Joe LeCompte, Principal, PMG
Discover the benefits moving of your Service Catalog beyond IT, into the rest of the company.

Reducing Call Volume with Automated Processing
Discover how to recapture hours spent on the phone managing and tracking service requests and better utilize that time to tackle other support tasks.