PMG Rocks – People, Process & Technology.”

PMG Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

Why PMG?

Enterprises partner with PMG to rapidly deploy and manage business solutions in practical, scalable ways. Our customers have confidence that their process and experience improvement projects will succeed. With PMG, clients know they can deliver measurable results that positively impact the business and inspire innovation by combining powerful BPM functionality with easy-to-use configuration capabilities.

The PMG Digital Business Platform makes digital transformation a reality with far fewer resources than typical IT projects. Unlike complicated BPM products that require large teams of specialty developers and take a long time to implement and change, or RAD toolkits that deliver narrow point solutions and won’t scale to business complexity, PMG’s low-code platform places the power of robust solution development directly into the hands of non-coders.

PMG customers are proud of what they accomplish. With the PMG Digital Business Platform and PMG’s true spirit of partnership, customers become confident and passionate advocates for expanding PMG usage across the enterprise.

What sets PMG apart ?

User Experience

PMG’s easy-to-use configuration capabilities deliver improved experiences for all users. A good user experience means not only an attractive, intuitive interface, but also one that facilitates doing your job effectively and efficiently.

Whether a solution builder, an end user, a process worker, or an application owner or administrator, the PMG Digital Business Platform provides an intuitive and modern role-based portal interface. And our robust integration capabilities deliver rich, dynamic data directly into front-end views such as dashboards, consoles or reports, helping you track your responsibilities and analyze data for improvements.


The configuration capabilities of our platform allow for faster application development and solution implementation than would be possible with other BPM platforms. Each implementation differs in scope, but we’ve consistently seen clients turn to us after unsuccessfully trying to deliver complex process solutions using existing systems. Our low-code platform is highly configurable, making prototyping, deployments, upgrades and updates faster and easier.

And, with speed, PMG brings value. A rapid timeline does not mean you have to change your unique business processes or dumb down your requirements. From software licensing to turnkey deployment, the PMG solution costs less to implement and less to maintain than other comparable solutions, and delivers results in a fraction of the time. Streamlined processes, improved experiences and real ROI are quickly realized through low-code configuration on PMG’s Digital Business Platform.


The goal of every PMG deployment is to maximize the value of your investment and deliver positive business outcomes. We help you tailor your implementation to fit your budget and schedule. Working in collaboration, we drive efficiency and value in your business – together.

PMG has completed over 150 deployments, partnering with our customers for success. And when push comes to shove, our whole organization is there with you every step of the way. We have a 95% customer retention rate, and are 100% committed to customer success. We work in true partnership with our clients to achieve successful and sustainable business outcomes, using more configuration and less code.