PMG Workflow Designer

Using PMG provides us with a huge advantage because now we are aware of delays in the process and we can identify the step in the workflow where the issue has occurred.”

Mike Haynie, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation

The PMG Digital Business Platform includes an enterprise-class BPM workflow engine to automate and orchestrate all your business process activities.

As users and administrators interact with the PMG Digital Business Platform via the front-end portal, the workflow engine delivers the back-end functionality to orchestrate and execute the applicable process steps.

Workflow Designer

Workflow processes are modeled visually via PMG’s drag-and-drop, configurable workflow designer, where they can be immediately deployed for execution. With PMG’s workflow designer, you can quickly configure an executable workflow model with the specific steps and logic needed to power your specific business process end-to-end. This can include any number of human activities, integration points with external systems, and/or conditional logic to route processing based on business rules– whatever your process requires.

Workflows can even be designed to support semi-structured and unstructured processing, where process workers are empowered to decide what action to take next, based on the latest available information. The resulting workflow design ultimately allows you to orchestrate all the interrelated activities behind your business process, driving consistency and governance across your organization.

Workflow Actions

PMG’s workflow designer comes with an extensive array of configurable workflow actions out-of-the-box, organized by functional categories, giving you a diverse toolbox to choose from when modeling your business process. The palette of configurable actions available to workflow designers includes, along with many others, items such as:

Business Rules Logic:

  • Decision Steps
  • Loops & Parallel Processing
  • Called Sub-Workflows
  • Workflow Variables
  • Timers & Scheduled Events


  • Task Assignments
  • Approvals
  • Escalations
  • Emails
  • Status Updates


  • Licensed Connector Kits
  • REST & SOAP Calls
  • Web Services
  • Wait for Message


  • .NET Code actions
  • Create Document
  • File transfer
  • PowerShell/ SSH commands

Workflow Integrations & Execution

PMG’s workflow engine integrates seamlessly with other systems, including any internal business or IT application, as well as cloud hosted applications. So, administrators can build integrations directly into their workflow designs to deliver a true end-to-end process, leveraging existing systems along the way as needed. No need to replicate existing functionality or data from an external system, or ask users to switch back and forth between multiple applications. With PMG, you build everything into a single, orchestrated workflow process.

Workflow execution is then initiated based on user input and/or other event-driven triggers. Workflows can automate everything from simple status updates, email notifications, approvals, and task assignments, all the way to complex, unstructured case management processing – and everything in between. With the power of PMG’s workflow designer, it’s easy to configure the right functional workflow for your digitalized business process.