We’re ecstatic about the increases in efficiency, but my favorite benefit has been simple stress reduction. If there’s ever a snag on a claim, we are able to track branch and department tasks and call the responsible party. PMG ended the guessing game and all unnecessary email and phone calls along with it.”

Anita Looney, VP of Branch Administration, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation

PMG Expedites Proof of Claim Filings, Centralizes and Standardizes Processes for 1st Franklin Financial Corporation.

Bankruptcy administration built on the PMG Digital Business Platform automates and tracks your processes to ensure compliance and confirm your collection activities.

Staying on top of bankruptcy administration is critical cost containment for your organization. Preventing violations of automatic stay ensures compliance and avoids fines, while accurate and timely proof of claim filings help to mitigate loss. However, it’s a challenging proposition. Managing such a large amount of crucial data and tasks under the strict deadlines of bankruptcy rules is overwhelming. With daily updates and constantly changing information, the entire process is largely error prone. And when the majority of these tasks are handled manually, it’s nearly impossible to track and audit.

Bankruptcy Case Management

PMG automates and tracks your bankruptcy administrative processes in a case management framework. With integrations into third party data risk solutions, PMG retrieves bankruptcy file notices daily, processes the data and assigns tasks accordingly, creating new cases and updating existing cases. PMG provides a single repository to track all activities, comments, and information for the proof of claim process. Managers and users see daily activity reports and bankruptcy status tracking in real-time. All of which assures that you file accurate and timely claims, while remaining in compliance for automatic stay.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Tracking of all activities and comments related to a bankruptcy case
  • Daily, real-time activity reports, alerts and notifications
  • Automated task assignment
  • Extensive integration capabilities with third party loan management software, bankruptcy data services & systems
  • Easy-to-configure approval workflows and business logic