PMG’s Relay Framework
Don’t let hybrid infrastructure slow you down

In today’s highly digital world, security is THE primary concern of all organizations. And rightfully so – no one wants their company to be in the news as the latest victim of a costly cyber-attack. With that being said – do you know about PMG’s Relay Framework?

This powerful solution for hybrid IT architecture enables organizations to keep networks secure while still reaping the benefits of orchestrating processes across multiple systems in separate network locations.

The PMG Relay Framework allows for communications between our beloved Workflow Engine and a system that runs on an external remote network. Our ingenious design typically requires no change to firewall or VPN configuration, ensuring that communications between disparate networks remain secure.

So, how does it all work? Well, in this relay there are three racers on the team:

                  1. Workflow Engine
                  2. Relay Service
                  3. Remote Agent

The Workflow Engine initiates an activity to an external system (i.e. the “2nd network) via one of our integration actions (e.g. PowerShell, SQL, Active Directory, SAP).

A message is received via the PMG Relay Service, which serves as the communications layer between the two networks.

The Remote Agent, which lives on a machine in the 2nd network, takes the command from the PMG Relay Service and executes accordingly.

The baton is officially passed!

Once the Agent has completed execution, responses flow back to the Workflow Engine back the way they came – through the Relay Service. And yes, it’s all blazing fast.

You may remember that we published a case study about one of our customers using our Relay Framework. If you missed it, we gotchu: PMG Enables U.S. Home Improvement Retailer to Securely Orchestrate Critical IT Processes.

And if you want to learn more, you know what to do.