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From self-service to automated provisioning to dynamic billing, PMG Cloud Enablement provides a faster, smarter way to meet your organization’s virtual needs.

PMG’s Cloud Enablement solution entails more than simply creating and managing virtual machines. It also encompasses network impacts, storage, and applications. And, with PMG’s low-code platform, business users can create or update supporting workflows, monitor progress or update process inputs, all within PMG’s user-friendly interface.

Governed Self-Service

With PMG, you can create dynamic self-service forms tailored to your specific users, and implement zero-touch provisioning. Limit offerings by role, entitlement, or location to maintain IT governance and avoid VM sprawl. And, with PMG’s low-code workflow designer, you can easily configure any required reviews or approval steps into supporting workflow processes as needed, before any automated provisioning happens. That way, you maintain full control, while ensuring a consistent, standardized cloud self-service process for authorized users.

Automated Provisioning

PMG provides a highly configurable, app store interface with full supply chain automation and fulfillment to deliver true multi-source cloud provisioning. PMG offers pre-built licensed connector kits for the most popular private cloud infrastructure vendors, such as VMWare. On the public side, PMG also offers full integration with public cloud vendors, like Amazon EC2.

Cost Allocation

PMG offers numerous features to support even the most complex cost and chargeback requirements within a given cloud enablement process, including:

  • Cost per unit of capacity or consumption
  • Cost uplift/rebate for each service assurance parameter
  • Cost for any custom extensions
  • Discount structure for scale, base commits, and more
  • Surcharges (as necessary) for pre-reservation of capacity

Key Features

  • Flexible Rules Engine – Build self-service offerings that match the available cloud services, and configure business rules logic to dynamically route provisioning workflow processes
  • Pre-Built Connectors – Tie in directly to any cloud platform via licensed connectors and generic integration capabilities
  • Cost Allocation – Support complex chargeback requirements by customizing applicable pricing and billing functionality to meet your specific needs

PMG Cloud Services Connectors

  • Amazon EC2
  • Chef
  • F5 BIG-IP
  • HP Cloud Service Automation
  • HP Operations Orchestration
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft SCCM
  • OpenStack
  • Vistara
  • VMWare vCenter
  • VMWare vCloud Automation
  • VMWare vCloud Director