The PMG relationship is the foundation for business transformation in my business.”

PMG Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

Who is PMG?

Our Philosophy

We believe that it should not be hard to do your job. Truly great companies empower their people to focus time and energy on providing value to customers and colleagues, rather than fighting internal processes and systems. Whether you’re a food engineer trying to develop a new flavor of cereal, a manufacturing manager looking to optimize your plant capacity, or a marketing director wanting to improve collaboration on digital campaigns with your external agencies, your business processes rely on interactions between people, systems and data.

This belief, along with PMG’s powerful technology and a strong sense of client partnership, has generated a steady stream of successful solutions built on PMG. And, as the momentum of digital transformation continues to grow, PMG is at the forefront, working with companies who are ready and willing to innovate. Our vision is to be the backbone of bold business, unleashing the speed and agility of low-code development to create solutions that deliver real business value.

Our Product

The PMG Digital Business Platform is easy to use for both end-users and administrators. It sits in the sweet spot where BPM suites and low-code platforms overlap, bringing robust capabilities and flexibility to rapid application development. PMG’s low-code configuration capabilities allow both IT resources and citizen developers to build and manage business solutions on their own – without needing developers to write custom code. The benefit? PMG solutions deploy quickly, are upgrade-safe, and are easily updated as business requirements change over time.

By integrating with external systems, PMG leverages and augments your existing technology investments, your people and your unique business processes. Our easy-to-configure, bi-directional integration capabilities make PMG’s Digital Business Platform the ideal choice for adding enhanced functionality and data visibility to your existing systems. The PMG platform connects the critical pieces of your business processes – people, systems and data.

Our People

We’ve been in business since 1997, releasing the earliest version of the PMG Digital Business Platform over ten years ago. From the beginning, the PMG team has embraced a spirit of collaboration, applying key traits we believe to be part of our own recipe for success: smart, driven and fun.

At PMG, we live by our core values. We are passionate about improving our customers’ business processes through technology, and we have fun doing it. We are ready to join forces with our customers to achieve collective goals. We love to solve challenging business problems, and we relish the teamwork it takes to make that happen. When we partner with our customers, no challenge is too big.

What sets PMG apart ?

User Experience

PMG’s easy-to-use configuration capabilities deliver improved experiences for all users. A good user experience means not only an attractive, intuitive interface, but also one that facilitates doing your job effectively and efficiently.

Whether a solution builder, an end user, a process worker, or an application owner or administrator, the PMG Digital Business Platform provides an intuitive and modern role-based portal interface. And our robust integration capabilities deliver rich, dynamic data directly into front-end views such as dashboards, consoles or reports, helping you track your responsibilities and analyze data for improvements.


The configuration capabilities of our platform allow for faster application development and solution implementation than would be possible with other BPM platforms. Each implementation differs in scope, but we’ve consistently seen clients turn to us after unsuccessfully trying to deliver complex process solutions using existing systems. Our low-code platform is highly configurable, making prototyping, deployments, upgrades and updates faster and easier.

And, with speed, PMG brings value. A rapid timeline does not mean you have to change your unique business processes or dumb down your requirements. From software licensing to turnkey deployment, the PMG solution costs less to implement and less to maintain than other comparable solutions, and delivers results in a fraction of the time. Streamlined processes, improved experiences and real ROI are quickly realized through low-code configuration on PMG’s Digital Business Platform.


The goal of every PMG deployment is to maximize the value of your investment and deliver positive business outcomes. We help you tailor your implementation to fit your budget and schedule. Working in collaboration, we drive efficiency and value in your business – together.

PMG has completed over 150 deployments, partnering with our customers for success. And when push comes to shove, our whole organization is there with you every step of the way. We have a 95% customer retention rate, and are 100% committed to customer success. We work in true partnership with our clients to achieve successful and sustainable business outcomes, using more configuration and less code.

PMG Accolades

Leading industry analysts Gartner and Forrester Research continue to highly regard and recommend PMG, citing our exceptional customer service and proven technology. But our highest praise comes from our customers. Whether it’s presenting their PMG solution at important industry conferences, speaking to the press, or providing referrals, our customers provide our greatest accolades.

Get to Know Us Better

If you’d like to learn more about PMG, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk about that list of obstacles you’re currently facing and provide a solution configured to meet your needs. Reach us at 770.457.8787, or