PMG responds to COVID-19
As the pandemic wreaks daily havoc on business-as-usual, PMG takes action.

PMG is closely monitoring developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As the situation continues to change rapidly, our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and customers. In addition, we believe it is our social responsibility to assist with mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

Accordingly, we have asked all our employees to work from home until at least 3/27/20 and will monitor the situation to determine whether it’s prudent to extend that time frame. In addition, all employee travel has been suspended until further notice. However, PMG has no planned shutdown periods, and we will continue to provide our existing level of service and support to our customers.

For now, we are still planning to hold the PMG Customer Success Forum as scheduled in May, although this is subject to change. Please feel free to register to guarantee your spot. We will update you as the situation evolves to keep you informed.

PMG’s business lends itself well to remote work, so customers can expect no discernable disruption, even if employees are required to work from home for an extended period of time. If we have any issues or concerns, we will communicate with you as soon as practicable.

For our SaaS customers specifically, you can be assured by the fact that our SaaS offering is powered by AWS EC2, the highly scalable and redundant cloud provider. In addition, PMG has SaaS and support staff separated geographically, located in and around Atlanta, Georgia as well as in Northern California.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your PMG contacts for assistance. As always, we are here to help you succeed.