PMG Delay Workflow Action
Take a pause

Today’s topic is an oldie but a goodie quick tip – let’s talk about delays! But not FedEx shipping delays or COVID-19 vaccine delays – intentional delays set via PMG workflows!

To refresh your memory, the Delay workflow action is intended for use where a short pause in activity of 60 seconds or less is desired. This can be helpful in when trying to time your processes so that they run smoothly every time.

There are many use cases where you might need a delay, whether it’s to help sync up multiple processes or perhaps spacing out integration calls. The setup of the Delay action is quite simple – you either set a fixed number of seconds to wait or set minimum and maximum values for the workflow to randomize from.

For those of you who are accustomed to using Timers to perform the same activity for these short pauses, please note – we highly recommend you use the Delay action instead for both ease of setup and better system performance.

Now, don’t delay in making the swap!