Ensono Success Story

Ensono Drives New Levels of Efficiency & Visibility

Ensono, a provider of hybrid IT services for global enterprises, needed a more powerful technology for platform-to-platform integrations. Unfortunately, its old homegrown platform relied on manual code and middleware installs for proper integration with client technologies, raising major efficiency concerns amongst its team. With PMG’s Digital Business Platform, Ensono expedited these integrations, using PMG’s pre-built connectors to more easily connect with clients’ ITSM systems. With these faster, more flexible integrations, Ensono can continue delivering the IT support its clients have come to rely on.

Challenge: Manual installs stalled integrations, prompted technology search

When the world’s largest brands search for a new IT service provider, they want someone with the ability to drive real value while being easy to work with. That’s the long-embraced reality Ensono, provider of hybrid IT services, has delivered to its clients.

As the company offers an array of IT services, from server infrastructure management to disaster recovery to data security and storage, it interacts with a wide swath of client technologies on a day-to-day basis. And its success relies on integrating with these technologies quickly to gain visibility into the systems themselves. Yet its homegrown technology solution was missing the efficiency mark.

Take ticketing system integrations for example. Upon client kick-off, Ensono requests access to go hands on with client technologies for better visibility into their IT landscapes. In some cases, Ensono deployed its homegrown agent-based solution to facilitate these integrations, giving its team the needed visibility. Yet the process required manual coding, which meant slower, less efficient integrations than the company desired.

In other cases, clients preferred to bypass Ensono’s homegrown platform, leading Ensono to engage in double-data entry, tabbed “swivel chairing.” This meant Ensono team members spent valuable time rekeying data from client ITSM systems into their own, resulting in frustration and increasing the potential for data-entry errors.

Ensono knew these issues could be remedied by better platform-to-platform integrations. Thus, the search began for a low-code business process management platform (BPM) that offered an extensive set of pre-built connectors to accelerate and simplify integrations with client technologies.

Solution: PMG’s drag-and-drop connectors simplify integration for improved visibility

After conducting an extensive platform review, Ensono honed in on PMG as its partner of choice.

“We were impressed by PMG’s portfolio of existing connectors,” said Jeremy Bower, vice president of global systems development for Ensono. “That, along with PMG’s willingness to help develop new connectors as needed, made us confident we could wire together any disparate systems.”

For the Ensono team, these integrations led to a surge in visibility. Using PMG’s connectors with drag-and-drop functionality, Ensono can quickly hook into client technologies to monitor service requests and alerts in real-time. This provides Ensono the information needed to continue making educated, strategic decisions in its clients’ IT landscapes.

In addition, by using PMG’s workflow engine to translate IT ticket requests from client systems directly into Ensono’s, the Ensono team has eliminated the need for swivel-chair data entry. This not only strengthens data integrity by minimizing data-entry errors, but it also reduces the strain of manual data entry for the Ensono team.

PMG offers Ensono another key benefit—flexibility. Sometimes it’s more convenient for Ensono’s clients to stay on their own systems. Other times, it’s a necessity because of all of the technologies and subsequent integrations in place.

Fortunately, with PMG’s pre-built connectors Ensono can readily accommodate client’s various technologies, causing minimal disruption in a client’s IT landscape and putting their minds at ease. And as PMG’s connectors use industry-standard protocols, Ensono also ensures these integrations remain secure.

Results: PMG supercharges efficiency, serves as extension of Ensono team

With PMG in place as an integration platform, Ensono quickly began to see positive results from efficiency boosts to a better user experience. Overall, the company estimates PMG adds the value of two full-time employees via its pre-built integration kits and elimination of redundant data entry.

Ultimately, the company finds PMG’s peak value in how it helps Ensono better deliver on its key value proposition: delivering technology solutions with exceptional care that enable our clients to be great at what they do.

“The support has been outstanding. PMG works with us to make sure our needs are met, from developing the appropriate connectors to accommodating needs of our various clients,” said Bower. “Together, we work to deliver on the client requests and make each one a team win. And we can do that because PMG is willing to be flexible, practically serving as an extension of our team and helping drive client satisfaction.”

PMG is a true BPM partner for Ensono – one it can trust to handle any special requests, freeing the team to keep delivering the client experience the company prides itself on.

“PMG delivered on the promises they made during the sales cycle, hands down.”