A new tool to Evaluate Workflow Data 
Giving you peace of mind

The Workflow Data Evaluator is a valuable new debugging and sanity check tool. You can find it available in the action details of a workflow.

This tool allows designers to preview an expression by evaluating the current variables/content values at execution time. If you’ve ever struggled to track down the current value of an iterator, this one’s for you!

Database queries, iterator formatters, and many other actions can be verified by previewing how the variables/contents are replaced in expressions or queries to debug or enhance the configuration.

Use the Workflow Progress view, select any action details, and browse to the Data tab, where you will find the Evaluator button:

Paste the expression you want to validate into the Input text box and click on “Get Processed Value”. You’ll receive an output with the current values coming from the content/variables:

Consider your workflow data evaluated!