G2 Comparison Report

PMG ranks favorably against our competitors in the Digital Process Automation (DPA)/Business Process Management (BPM) space.

Our workflow solutions help businesses on their journey towards hyperautomation. Check out our reviews and comparison reports against Pega, K2, and Nintex at G2.

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The PMG platform offers business process automation tools, including workflows, dashboards and forms. We consistently rank as the top DPA/BPM software for relationship satisfaction on G2.com. Use G2’s comparison reports to compare Nintex and K2 to PMG. We also rank higher vs. Pega Systems. Simply put, PMG delivers the best business solutions on the market.

If you’re considering when to use a low-code workflow platform or BPM tool, PMG will share best practices for evaluating the build vs. buy decision. If you’re searching for Nintex alternatives or Pega competitors, PMG is the best BPM value option, providing enterprise scalability at a lower price. We encourage you to check out our reviews as part of your BPM finder exploration.