Jira issues dashboard + issue creation service
Enjoy greater visibility into your Jira project

PMG has configured a Jira management solution template, which is now available for customers to download for free.

This solution will run on PMG v8.10 and up. And in conjunction with this template, PMG is offering a free trial of our Jira connector.

Management Dashboard

The dashboard default display summarizes volume, priority, and status of issues. A sortable list of issues allows users to drill-down into an overview of each issue, including the related project and issue type.

Create an Issue

A form and workflow to create an issue in Jira is also included in the solution package, reducing the need for “swivel-chair” activities and multiple interfaces.

And at risk of being extra…

As a bonus benefit, PMG’s Jira solution includes some good examples of JQL (Jira Query Language), which can be leveraged by users to create their own queries. Pro tip: the easiest way to generate queries is to use Jira advanced search and copy/paste from there.

Atlassian offers solid a sizable repository of documentation on JQL online, including a helpful cheat sheet (link provided in our Package Manager migration notes on the PMG Support Site).

To download the Jira solution configuration files, go to the Solution Templates page on the PMG Support Site.

To get started on a trial of PMG’s Jira connector, let us know you’re interested and we’ll hook you up.