Human Resources

Human Resources can be a tough gig. Not only are you responsible for employee well-being, but your intentions are only as good as your processes.

Too often, you can get bogged down in manual activities – from new employee hiring and leave requests to onboarding and performance appraisals. These processes are not only time-intensive and arduous, but handling them manually can also create significant issues. Beyond being inefficient, manual processing opens an organization up to compliance risk if regulatory and legal requirements aren’t met. And security risks can lead to serious consequences if system access isn’t removed when an employee or contractor leaves. The answers can be found in automation, self-service, data integration and process orchestration.

HR process automation and case management.

Organizations of almost any size and in any industry can benefit from converting manual tasks into automated workflows. From Employee Onboarding and Automated System Access Management, to the complexities of HR Case Management, the PMG platform streamlines routine and logistical tasks, freeing up HR personnel to focus on higher value activities.