PMG Action Events
Keeping your determination strong

You may be familiar with the concept of Workflow Events, a PMG feature that allows you to trigger an activity (such as a notification) to occur when a workflow ends with a certain behavior (such as Failure). That can come in pretty handy, right?

Well, did you know this capability now exists at the individual action level with a feature cleverly titled… Action Events? Similar to Workflow Events, Action Events are set up on a per-workflow basis, but they also allow you to define rules and behaviors for an individual action or set of similar actions. A great use case for Action Events is exception handling.

For example, if you have a workflow that calls a notoriously unreliable external database, you can simply define an Action Event against that action to automatically retry the call “x” number of times before triggering an exception process. Another example could be retrying a set of connector integration actions if any of them fails due to the third-party system being down or unavailable.

With Action Events, it’s easier than ever to build self-curing workflows that are resilient to unexpected behavior.

Now you have no excuses – try and try again if something fails!