Let us be your matchmaker
Connect with your peers in the PMG community

We’re all looking forward to the day when travel and large gatherings are possible again. One of the many reasons is so that PMG can host our Customer Success Forum and see many of you in person.

But in the meantime, there is a key CSF benefit that is still available to you – introductions! Networking with peers outside of your organization is cited as a top reason for attending, and we’d be glad to facilitate this in the virtual world.

Whether you’re considering expanding your use of the platform or looking to improve aspects of your current implementation, there is probably another customer that has experienced a similar situation and would be happy to share.

Perhaps you’re considering a new integration? Maybe you need to tighten up your business analysis and calculate ROI? Need to do a system comparison? Or maybe you’re thinking of expanding development to other business areas and are wondering how best to instill some governance practices?

These are all areas where our clients have shared their insights and experience with each other at past PMG CSF events. In fact, we are consistently told that one of the greatest benefits of Forum attendance is meeting other PMG customers and gaining insights from their experience.

If you have an area that you are exploring and would like to speak directly with a customer with similar experience, reach out to Aaron Klein (aklein@pmg.net). He’ll connect you with the right person for a discussion.

If nothing else, you’ll have another contact to share a beer with at PMG’s next in-person get together.