PMG on-prem peeps, listen up!
How to keep your environment running fast

Keeping all the various systems and applications running smoothly – and fast! – is one of the biggest challenges of managing a datacenter. So, for PMG customers not taking advantage of our SaaS hosted deployment option, we’ve put together some tips. These are the real deal – straight from the man, the myth, the legend…our product support superstar, Ethan Wu!

We’ve got the intel listed on our website page linked below but before you click through, we want to give you one last reminder that switching from an on-premise installation to PMG SaaS is an option and, oftentimes, a cost saver. For more information, contact

Now on to the environment best practices!

“Why your environment may be slow,” a book report by Ethan Wu. ?

When system architecture is the culprit:

  • SQL server bottleneck (e.g. backup running, disk IO issues, network/connectivity)
  • App/SQL server running low on disk space
  • Other non-PMG applications using up CPU/memory/disk resources
  • Antivirus software (e.g. performance impacted by recent McAfee update)

When your configuration is not your friend:

  • Infinite looping of:
    • Workflows
    • Timers
    • Emails
    • Any action that could potentially run for more than a few seconds
  • Hitting max workflow threads due to actions that appear to be “stuck” executing (e.g. PowerShell)
  • Accumulating too much data in variables without clearing
  • Using local variables deep in workflow execution (e.g. in a long running loop)
  • Overly complex form (e.g. too many SQL calls, strain on network, strain on browser)

Details on how to solve for these issues can be found on the How To’s and Best Practices page on our Support site. Just click on the folder at the bottom called Maintaining System Performance. You’ll also find tips for troubleshooting using Process Logs by reviewing CPU and memory usage of your various processes.

For easy reference, the PMG Platform v20 Architecture document with system requirement specs is posted as well. But wouldn’t you rather let us worry about the infrastructure by switching to PMG hosted SaaS?