PMG’s latest enhancements and new features are here!
Detailed release notes are posted on the PMG Support Site

We’ve highlighted some of what’s inside, but customers can read the full release notes here.

What’s new? Version 20.2 has updates impacting a range of capabilities and functionality, including:


  • Quick Find feature – Now find any value within Form Designer, App Designer, or Workflow Designer by clicking the lightning bolt icon or using the shortcut “Ctrl /”.
  • Zip File action – Now create zip files directly within your workflows using the new Zip File action.
  • Queue reminders – Now reminder messages can be configured within queue management to point to templates


  • Encrypt String action – Enhance data security with our new encryption workflow action.
  • Connector permissioning – Connector Scenarios can now be permissioned globally or to specific groups and users.
  • Workflow Function permissioning – Appropriate workflow permissions are now required for users to view and edit Workflow Functions.

User Experience

  • Featured Apps – You can now present featured services or apps with the new app container and services widgets in App Designer.
  • Mobile Preview – It’s now easier to ensure optimal user experience on mobile devices when configuring pages in App Designer.
  • Page-level JavaScript – Support for JS at the page level expands options for an even more robust end-user experience.


  • OneDrive connector – The new OneDrive connector makes it easier to manage integrations for Microsoft OneDrive.


  • Time Zone support – Now workflow Timers support dynamic values for time zone so that it can be variable. Workflow Scheduler now supports time zones as well and also has a new weekly option.

By platform component, enhancements include:


App Designer

  • Featured Apps
  • Quick Find
  • Mobile Preview
  • Page-level JavaScript


Form Designer

  • Quick Find


Workflow Designer

  • Check In / Check Out
  • Quick Find
  • Timer action – time zone support
  • Workflow Scheduler – time zone support
  • Zip File action
  • Encrypt String action



  • In-App help