What? But it’s 2022 now!
Upgrade and release notes are on the PMG Support Site

Year-end releases sometimes take a little longer to wrap up. But PMG Platform v21.4 is ready for you now!

First up, there are a couple of important changes to note. Make sure you know whether they apply to your implementation.

    • Some settings have been forced to a specific value on this upgrade. Refer to the Updated System Settings in the Administration section for details.
    • The REST action has been updated. Workflows built using PMG’s REST action from v21.3 or higher cannot be imported into older versions of the PMG Platform.

Key areas of enhancement:

          • Security – more data encryption, Bring Your Own Key
          • UI – App Page wizard, Relay Agent config
          • Features – Comments widget, Alternate Actor timezone support
          • System – external file storage support, Relay Framework performance

Customers can download the v21.4 Service Pack and read the release notes here: Patch Level 21.4.

Here’s more of what’s included:


        • File Storage – File System and AWS S3 support offer additional options for storing files in the Platform
        • Data Encryption – At-rest encryption for Workflow Variables (On or Off), Form Widgets, and App Widgets, including AWS-CMK for customer “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK) support
        • Alternate Actor – End Date now based on submitting user’s browser timezone

App Designer

        • New App Experience – creating a new App Page or App Container has a new wizard experience to guide designers
        • Version History – app version now scoped to the page versus globally
        • Table Widget – can now specify “File Name” to customize the name of the Excel export file
        • Comments Widget – replying to and editing comments are now supported, as is data encryption
        • File Widget – new properties to scope files to a specific page and to alert for confirmation of file deletion


        • Variables Encryption – new options to designate variables for encryption on the Start step and set Encrypt dropdown for Workflow Objects to true
        • Decrypt Table Output – new workflow action will decrypt table output when using data encryption
        • InProc Workflows – enhanced to run and wait with Timer actions, providing the same behavior as standard Engine-logged workflows
        • Custom Icons for Actions – designers can customize the image icon for their Workflow Functions
        • Connector Updates – Microsoft Dynamics, Azure Office 365, SAP, JDEdwards, HP OO, e-Oscar


        • Data Maintenance – new sections in Expunge are “Workflow Scheduler Logs” and “Mail”
        • Updated System Settings – see Release Notes for details