The PMG Platform’s Email Opt-Out Feature
Can we chill on the emails?

In 2021, everyone wants a fresh start. That includes clearing out the clutter from our inboxes. We know what some of you may be thinking – man, I get too many emails every day. (As I wrote this newsletter, my inbox crept up by 11 12 unread messages!)

Luckily, PMG can help with that. Did you know there’s a utility that enables opt-out of email notifications sent from PMG workflows? With a few clicks, you can easily remove certain users from a list to reduce their notifications.

The ability to opt out of email notifications from the Platform is not new, but it is easier now with a spruced-up UI. And, restricting emails can be useful in a couple of scenarios.

You may have solutions that generate a high volume of emails, and some users may want to filter out specific types of messages. Perhaps other users work frequently within the platform and find that they don’t need email notifications. This is where Email Opt-Out comes in handy.

To set it up, navigate to Administration > Utilities > Email Opt-Out.

Once in the UI, you’ll have the ability to add, edit, or remove users from receiving emails from a granular level to a high level. A blanket opt-out to an email address is enabled by entering “*” for the workflow name. More granularity can be achieved by adding a workflow and even specific action names (optional).

Now, keeping your inbox under control just got a whole lot easier!