PMG offers commenting ability in Request Details
Keeping everyone in the loop

Have you ever wished there was a way to allow platform users to interact with a request after it has been submitted? With the new commenting capability in Request Details, you can do exactly that.

This new commenting feature enables direct communication between the requestor and the backend team(s) during the request process. Messages and attachments can be exchanged between end users and approval/fulfillment teams. All comments are logged and visible from the Request Details page and the backend user interface on the Work Items window.

To set this up, two system settings must be configured:


Set the ENABLE_REQUEST_HISTORY_COMMENTS to Bottom or Right to render the comments widget on the Request Details page:

Set the WWL_SHOW_ENTITY_COMMENTS_WIDGET to True to render the comments widget on the Work Items window:

The Request Details page (checkout.summary.aspx) will display the comments box along with a log of comments from the backend task fulfiller(s) and the requestor:

The Work Item user interface will show the comments box with the same information displayed on the Request Details page:

Now everyone can be easily kept up to date on the latest request.