Need a little help?
We can fix that!

Have you hired new staff? Did you recently upgrade to a newer version of the platform? Do you feel there are aspects of the platform you are not as familiar with as you would like? We have a solution for all these and more – Training!

By popular demand, we are re-running our recent basic/advanced combined training. For $3K you can have as many of your employees as you like participate in 30 hours of remote sessions spread over two weeks. With half-day hands-on remote sessions, participants will gain valuable insight and experience while still being able to maintain activity on their “day jobs”.

All training will be conducted in PMG’s training environment. Participants will be provided with remote access for the duration of the training and will be able to export their work to their local environment afterward.

Dates will be determined based on customer feedback. We’re looking to have training in May.

If interested, please contact Aaron Klein, Director of Customer Experience, at