Another new case study!
IT Process Automation at its finest

Another PMG customer recently allowed us to write up their success story. This one involves the orchestration of server patching, expansion of self-service, the beauty of PowerShell, and the magic of the relay framework.

A popular U.S.-based home improvement retailer was faced with a distinct challenge. Their Process Automation team needed to run Linux and Windows upgrades in environments that they didn’t actually have access to. That’s a tricky one, right?

On top of that, the well-known system center orchestrator they’d been using wasn’t delivering up to snuff. The team was looking for something better – something that would give them a single portal for targeting servers throughout the enterprise, regardless of which data center or what lifecycle (Dev, Test, Prod) they were in.

Enter PMG. The patching solution configured on PMG’s low-code platform empowered the company to achieve greater than 95% patching compliance throughout all of its the data centers.

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