PMG System Settings
Inception for Admins

Have you ever been preparing for a massive go-live, only to realize you’ve lost track of all the system settings you needed to update along the way?

No, we didn’t think so – this never happens to us PMGers either. ? But just in case you need help remembering, there’s a new easy way to jog your memory bank. You can now generate a file with all of your system settings from any environment.

In the upper right corner of the Settings page, there’s now an icon for exporting settings. Clicking this will generate an export file of all system settings and their values.

Simply take this file from the environments you want to sync up (UAT and Prod, for example), and use your favorite comparison app to view the differences in settings.

For now, you cannot import a settings file. This is intentional – many settings are meant to be different across environments. But now you’ve got a quick and easy way to catch any settings changes needed for that big migration.

It’s like a dream within a dream.