Create dynamic content for email attachments
Simply use a workflow function

Use the power of a workflow to dynamically create attachment files for email.

Instead of attaching an existing file, configure the email action to call a Workflow Function to create the file to attach. The workflow can use data from any data source and return any file type to be attached to the email.

How to configure an email action to dynamically create a file attachment by calling a Workflow Function:

1. Configure a workflow with the logic to create the file with the dynamic content your solution requires.

2. Create a corresponding Workflow Function, select “File” as the Output Type and set the variable where the file is stored as the Output Variable.

3. In the main workflow, set the email action’s Attachments property with the URL to call the Workflow Function. Build the URL based on your environment and solution case:

<http/https>://<hostname>/spe/functions/<Workflow function name>?<query parameters>