Automated Onboarding Webinar

In this webinar, Claire Wiggill of PMG and Julian Roberts of EssentialSkillz will share some eye opening statistics about the value of structured onboarding tasks, the high cost of employee turnover, and the real risks associated with haphazard processes. They’ll also show you how you can achieve a win-win for both your company and its employees by implementing automation to deliver everything from training to system access.


“Not only has PMG simplified onboarding, they’ve improved our visibility. The entire process, from granting network access to providing assets and physical workspace allocation, occurs in one workflow. We can document and track operations with unprecedented accuracy, eliminating those excess emails and status calls.”

Michael Lawrence, Parsons Corporation

“The system is robust enough to address complex issues yet nimble enough to allow us to be independent. I’ve yet to find anything that people have requested that we haven’t been able to do.”

Jon Jenkins, Kautex Textron

“Using PMG provides us with a huge advantage because now we are aware of delays in the process and we can identify the step in the workflow where the issue has occurred.”

Mike Haynie, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation

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