Case Central™ HR

Tired of struggling with emails and spreadsheets to manage employee cases?

Want to provide a better experience to the employees you support?

Case Central™ HR is PMG’s employee case management application, offering small and mid-sized organizations a cost-effective way to manage employee cases or incidents.

PMG HR Case Management

  • Supports employee inquiries and investigations with configurable case types

  • Improves operational efficiencies, reducing headaches for the HR organization

  • Delivers better service to employees, keeping them happier and more engaged

  • Provides better visibility to management and early insight into trends

  • Quick and easy to implement

Everything You Need in One Place

Case Central™ HR offers the features and functionality needed most by HR professionals:

  • Case Creation
  • Case Dispatch and Assignment
  • Case Prioritization and Escalation
  • SLA Tracking
  • Email Templates
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Security and Data Privacy

Deliver a Better User Experience

Employees are more engaged when they have the answers they need.

  • Portal page shows employee profile with summary information and announcements

  • Case status information is available at all times

  • Direct messaging via Case Details page reduces back-and-forth emails

  • Knowledge base with robust search encourages self-service and minimizes case volume

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