Systems Integration

PMG seamlessly integrates with external systems and data, connecting all the various components that make up your business process ecosystem.

In today’s world of digital transformation, connections between systems are critical. PMG’s platform provides a robust integration framework, giving you the tools to connect disparate systems and data into a centralized solution. Using pre-built licensed connectors, generic integration capabilities, or a combination of both, you can easily build the bi-directional integrations needed to connect with nearly any external system, data source, endpoint or application as needed to drive your unique business processes and data needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-built PMG Connectors for quick and easy integrations via drag-and-drop configuration
  • Generic integration capabilities supporting REST or SOAP calls to external systems through configuration that’s upgrade-safe
  • Orchestration of all bi-directional integration activities – scheduled or managed
  • Hybrid integration support for connections between on-premises and/or cloud applications
  • Configurable workflow actions to query/update external database tables, run stored procedures, or invoke web services
  • Configurable workflow actions to automate the execution of PowerShell scripts, SSH commands, or .NET code on connected systems
  • Low-code API Builder to create ad-hoc functions in PMG for external systems to consume

Process Improvement through Integration

Integrated systems can be leveraged to support human activities during process workflows, providing people with access to data or functionality they need to complete their work. Or, systems integration can be setup to happen automatically, behind the scenes, without the need for human intervention. With PMG, data can flow between systems, and automation activities can be managed or scheduled, all within a fully governed context that allows you to determine precisely when and where any checkpoints or approvals are needed.